HAKKEN a TOP Partner of CBA

23 September, 2016

One of Njuguna’s key responsibilities is to formulate and deploy long-term strategic plans for acquiring and enabling efficient and cost-effective information technology systems. He is quick to point out that he sees his role as being more of a business partner, who enables the organization to deliver on strategy and goals through effective
use of technology. Njuguna has to keep abreast with the latest technology trends, cost reduction strategies and leverage new technologies like cloud, mobility and big data.In addition, he is also tasked with ensuring that the technology services deliver the customer value proposition and meet the service levels promised to CBA clients.


Using advanced tech to monitor operations at CBA
From his office in Nairobi, he has the real-time ability to monitor everything taking place on the bank’s digital operations; right from a client making a withdrawal or deposit on one of the service channels, to various components of their IT environment like network, servers, storage and backup equipment. With that capability, the IT team at CBA is able to anticipate problems in the system operations and take proactive measures to reduce customer complaints. This monitoring solution has enabled the technology team to improve service uptime and automate measurement of availability.

“Traditional monitoring systems and what they use in NOCs(Network Operations Centre) are focused on network uptime, but this solution allows us to check on everything including system services, backups, databases, servers, ftp folders, batch jobs, etc.,” he states. CBA aims monitor every single aspect of their technology environment so as to minimize outages and more so to quickly narrow down on the root cause for swift resolution.