Multi-channel Customer Experience

Business Service Management

Multi-Channel Customer Experience represents HAKKEN's vision of the future on how organizations will control and monitor business delivery channels.

Business Channels provide different technical characteristics that generate a large amount of challenges to ensure the same level of control and visibility. These characteristics typically make way to a set of standalone solutions focused on a specific Business Channel. This paradigm is extremely detrimental, as it causes communication and data consistency problems within the organization.

Organizations suffer from the fact that the service delivery channel is becoming ever more complex, and that way it crosses multiple technical domains that are managed by different stakeholders, some of them may be outsourced organizations that use external tools to support their operations. This occurs mainly because:

Business is still reactive to service degradation issues and complaints

Business needs faster visibility of customer behavior and satisfaction

Business expectation of IT Service delivery and provisioning

Difficulty to understand the business impacts of IT outages

Difficulty to manage Business channels that use different technologies

IT Driven Monitoring instead of Business Driven Monitoring.


Multi-Channel Customer Experience focuses on the implementation of a scalable and flexible framework that can manage information from different technical domains without any functional trade off. This allows for the implementation of a unique solution that can be deployed to help organizations simplify and streamline their operations.

Leveraging business and IT driven KPI's make possible to immediately correlate user transactions with the underlying technological components that may be causing user experience limitations. The solution also focuses on the interface level, providing context based information relevant to every type of stakeholder, while ensuring increased data consistency:



• Organizational Alignment with Business

• Customer Visibility

• Proactive Approach

• Customer Satisfaction

• Cross Domain Visibility.