Application Performance Management

IT Performance


Applications are becoming increasingly relevant for organizations as their ability to generate financial return and operational efficiency is key. This condition has greatly increased the spotlight on the capability for any business to keep its mission critical applications running with optimal levels of performance, pressured by cost reduction initiatives, and the responsibility for developing those application externalized, decreasing the internal capabilities to correctly support these applications.



This has created a highly volatile environment that demands high control and visibility:

• Agility to monitor dynamic applications

Speed of deployment and non-intrusive footprint

Technological coverage to support heterogeneous environments

Built-in diagnostic capabilities to accelerate incident and problem resolution times

Real and synthetic user experience monitoring

Operations can detect application problems before users.


This new conditions have given HAKKEN the necessary inputs to define a new approach to Application Performance Management. One that is heavily supported by the best monitoring solutions, but one that also applies a broad and complex methodology to manage all the relevant components that are relevant to the lifecycle of applications, such as change management.

For HAKKEN, Application Performance Management focuses on three important vectors that ensures applications provide the maximum performance:


End User Metrics – Provide visibility into the user behavior while using business applications.

Proactive Metrics Analysis – Evaluate historical metrics to understand future stressed application components.

Lifecycle Management – Optimize change management process to better control application downtimes down to unplanned or miss evaluated changes.

Application Performance Management is a complete solution that provides any organization with the tools to ensure that applications run smoothly with satisfactory levels of speed and consistency. With a matured and integrated approach, HAKKEN's solution focus on the root causes of the majority of application performance issues, providing customers with strong operational and strategical skills to understand and act on application performance and availability.

The benefits of this integrated approach decreases time and investment in Aplication Performance Management technologies, as well as its implified methodology allows for a broader involvement of organizations in maintaining applications running, increasing its efficiency due to systems and Application Performance monitoring synergys.