User Experience Management

IT Performance

User Experience Management is about ensuring that all users accessing corporate or business applications can use them with satisfactory levels of performance and reliability.

Taking into account the evolution of business onto digital platforms, measuring the way customers use these systems became one of the most important activities to increase user satisfaction, conversion and retention. User Experience has also become one of the most important input metrics for IT organizations to assess the way service level objectives are being met. The goal is to deliver a simplified method to detect service availability instead of traditional monitoring, that has come to prove itself very complex to implement and maintain. 

HAKKEN's strategy to adress User Experience Management was designed on top of two main technological approaches: Synthetic User Monitoring and Real User Monitoring.

The extensive experience in User Experience Management has allowed us to provide customers a complete set of capabilities to effectively monitor their services and applications by emulating user behaviour from multiple locations. Coupled with strong implementation, this approach has allowed customer to use this technology to change the monitoring to a pro-active paradigm, detecting service outages before users, decreasing service degradation and increasing customer satisfaction.

This solution is also extremely relevant to marketing areas by providing user behaviour metrics that help the organization understand which services and activities are mostly used and which ones need improving.


There are several benefits offered by this solution:

  •  Speed of implementation
  •  Monitoring accuracy and reliability
  •  Agnostic approach to underlying IT Context
  •  Ideal approach for SLA monitoring
  •  Marketing activities support