Asset & Configuration Management

IT Service Management

Organizations are under pressure to lower IT service costs, increase service levels, ensure software license compliance and improve visibility into financial and operational decisions.

HAKKEN's Asset & Configuration Management solutions offer a comprehensive end-to-end lifecycle asset tracking solutions that deliver measurable ROI year after year. These solutions do everything, from discovering IT inventory (hardware and software) and the relation amongst them, to managing the asset lifecycle from acquisition to disposal, including related vendor contracts and financial details.

These solutions offer great value since they manage the full lifecycle of assets. It is with IT Asset & Configuration Management that organizations may know what they have, where is it, who owns and how much it costs.

The optimization performance through integrated ITAM/ITSM processes is also one of its advantages. Having a complete visibility of virtual assets and their impact on relevant business services, these solutions manage software license compliance for virtual and physical environments on a continuous basis.

  • HAKKEN's Asset & Configuration Management solutions establish a foundation for ITIL aligned with IT Financial Management processes, a comprehensive hardware and software asset management for datacenter and desktop/laptop environments, tracking assets and manage them financially. 

  • Finally, the optimization of hardware and maintenance costs, as well as the possibility to track IT service cost efficiently, makes this solution highly available and robust.

  • Our approach to extract the best value from Asset & Configuration Management solutions is based on the following building blocks:



Inventory - The Collection and management of an asset through its lifecycle, from acquisition through disposal. The objective is knowing what you have, where it’s located, who is using it, and how it’s being used. Also, the business value, enabling cost control as well as support to the outsourcing invoice/billing control, where deals are based on inventory or volumetric data.

Contracts & Finance - Tying the asset inventory to financial and contractual information (Lease, Maintenance, Warranty and Support, Software). This way it is possible to know the contractual agreements specific to the asset, tie assets to cost and offer business value by enabling TCO view of estate, cost reductions, service support efficiencies, strategic planning and software compliance.

Software Compliance - The comparison between entitlements, deployed software and the deployed IT environment on which it is used, measuring and monitoring the balance and optimizing usage. This will allow to know and manage the legal compliance position, avoid risk avoidance, controlling costs and reduction, enabling also software investment optimization.