IT Dashboards

IT Service Management

IT Management is currently facing several challenges. The tools it uses are isolated and there is only a simple integration between them. The decision making process is slow due to the lack of IT Management information. Also, IT Management tools are undervalued since its full advantages are not extracted from them and the existent applications have poor user interfaces, not at all intuitive.

HAKKEN's IT Dashboards solution is the way to adress all these issues. By allowing to integrate, in a sinle point, all the information from several sources, it's also possible to expedite the decision making process through the presentation of several metrics, maximizing the value of the IT Management tools trough the extraction of valuable information. Also, IT Dashboards increase the quality and efficiency of IT services improving its management, at the same time it encourages the correct configuration, parameterization and maintenance of the various IT Management tools.



This solution has multiple benefits: 

 Graphically appealing and easily understandable

 Integration with a wide variety of data sources

 KPI’s presented in real time (or near real time)

 Compatible with several types of devices (PC, Tablets, Smart TVs, Mobile Devices)

 Provides error messages related to the access to information sources

 Developed considering the customer needs (customized)

 Identification of errors and warnings through the use of log files

  Allows to move from a reactive mindset to a proactive one.


The IT Dashboards solutions covers a wide variety of IT Management domains, divided into the following 6 types:

• IT Service Management Dashboard – displays real time data provided by the IT Service Management platforms.

• IT Infrastructure Management Dashboard - allows real time data provided by IT Infrastructure Management solutions to give a high level state of the Network and Systems Infrastructure. 

• Datacenter Management Dashboard – displays environmental and energy KPIs, access control to the datacenter and rack status.

• Contact Center Management Dashboard – provides CSQ KPI's from Contact Center Solutions. 

• Project Control Dashboard – provides data from Project and Portfolio Management tools or simple Project worksheets.

• Executive Dashboard – aggregates KPI's from the other five types of dashboards and show a consolidated view. This solution can be extended with the use of additional modules, such as Google Maps, Video Streaming, Administration Control Panel, E-mail notification, Event Logs and User Authentication.