IT Automation

Operations & Automation

Organizations are becoming increasingly pressured to optimize cost structures and increase the competitive edge over its competitors. This context has created the need to optimize existing resources and maximize their output on tasks that are revenue generating for the organization.

IT departments are one of the best fits for the investment in terms of Automation. Increasing the organization's ability to deliver more services with incredible reliability and reduced time to delivery.

HAKKEN's extensive experience in Automation has allowed customers to integrate the concepts and activities associated with an automation initiative triggered by the following challenges:


Smaller teams to support operations

Manual complex activities that depend of multiple teams

Service Provisioning delivery times

Configuration errors cause high impact incidents.




HAKKEN's strong technological background, coupled with long experience in terms of governance and process definition, provides the foundations for a complete and mature automation roll out project. From SaaS to IaaS automation has matured to provide a complete set of solutions to cope with all types of services and infrastructure types:


Connectors to the majority of technologies

Workflow and orchestration mechanism

On demand and schedule based automation activities

Service Catalog integrations

Complete auditing and reporting capabilities


The following areas are covered by HAKKEN's Automation solutions: 

• Cloud Services – Public Private Hybrid

 IT Operations – Monitoring Processes Remediation

 Request Fullfilment – Services & Orders

Automation has the potential to change dramatically the way technological companies provide services and support their customers operations. Customers can expect to benefit from operational standardization, process automation, service provisioning, reduction and configuration errors and automate incident remediation tasks.