Project & Portfolio Management Solutions

Project and Portfolio Management

Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions are comprehensive solutions that address the unique needs of global services, IT and product development teams while facilitating cross-team collaboration, giving a complete real-time visibility into projects, investments and resources for informed business planning and financial control.

CEO's need to establish a direction that allows them to weather change while continuing to grow revenue, capture market share and build lasting, highly profitable customer relationships. PPM solutions help CEO's to better focus on business priorities with end-to-end visibility and real-time reporting.

Finance is responsible for managing risk and finance leaders increasingly serve as catalysts for change in their organization. Services organizations have become a highly strategic - and value generating - part of their business, offering competitive differentiation while contributing directly to revenue growth and profitability. With PPM support, CFO's can focus on growing top-line service revenues while maintaining bottom-line cost control and profitability.


Organizations must be innovative, aligning lT initiatives with business goals, ensuring that the right business decisions and investments are made at the right time to fuel growth. Project and Portfolio Management solutions help manage key financial resources and optimize human resources, while providing visibility into key portfolios to manage the IT lifecycle from investment decisions through project delivery and application portfolio management.

Product development teams must create innovative products that meet customer needs and drive revenue. They need to understand the changing market so they can identify new trends and respond to customer demands. Project and Portfolio Management solutions help define and mature product development processes, aligning them with service delivery and tap into customer experience to build and enhance highly competitive products.

Project and Portfolio Management solutions provide a greater visibility into the demand, capacity and delivery:

• Portfolio and Investment Planning - Understand the risks, value and tradeoffs related to strategic business initiatives in order to drive funding decisions and achieve a balanced investment portfolio.

• Project Portfolio Management - Monitor portfolio health and manage resources throughout the project lifecycle with a centralized and transparent presentation of key performance metrics.

• Application Portfolio Management - Inventory business applications gain insight into key metrics related to performance, cost, user value and other metrics, and drive application lifecycle decisions.